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16 town houses and a heritage house

16 high standing town houses and a heritage mansion. Located 20 minutes from downtown.

A balance between heritage and modernity

1 manor house and 16 modern townhouses located on the waterfront. Designed to experience a daily pleasure of living.


5550 boul des Rossignols
Laval, QC H7L 5W6

(450) 231 5800


Gencor group has worked in development and construction for 20 years and has contributed to the realization of over 100 projects. Our experience and reputation in the world of construction have been indispensable in our transition to housing development.
While demand rapidly grows in the housing market, Gencor offers the highest quality living spaces adapted to different needs.

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Domaine Alepin is the result of a family history established on these lands since 1941. Several generations have lived in this picturesque home inspired by the tradition of romantic English landscapes. Self-built and designed by Joseph Alepin, it has been preciously preserved over the years. The architectural authenticity is the outstanding element of this project.


The Alepin Domain is on the Saint-Laurent water front since 1941.

fig 1.
1930's site plan
fig 2.
2021's development

8585 boul Lasalle

The pleasure of everyday life

A bright, spacious and functional kitchen. The design makes everyday tasks easy and enjoyable.

Érable Apalaches Cobblestone
York Fumo mat
Tuile Terrazzo Naturelle
Tuile Terrazzo Naturelle
Érable Apalaches Cobblestone
Tuile Calacatta
Finishes &


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